Partner Funds


Investors in Focal Point are diversified across several underlying partner PE funds.

Examples of Private Equity Funds Focal Point is partnered with:

Fund I

  • Geographic focus: Midwest and U.S.-Wide
  • Size: $500M+
  • Investment type: control transactions, recapitalizations, buyouts
  • Industries: 100% healthcare
  • # Prior Investments: over 20
  • Net IRR: 20-30%
  • Net CoC: 2.0x-3.0x

Fund II

  • Geographic focus: West Coast (U.S.)
  • Size: $150M
  • Investment type: growth cap and buyout capital
  • Industries: consumer, healthcare, personal care
  • # Prior Investments: 12
  • Net IRR: 25.2%
  • Net CoC: 2.0x

Fund III

  • Geographic Focus: East Coast (U.S.)
  • Size: $150M
  • Investment type: growth, buyout and structured
  • Industries: Aerospace and defense; automation; IT
  • # Prior Investments: 24
  • Net IRR: 27.1%
  • CoC: 1.9x

Hand-picked, best-in-class, top performing private equity funds in the middle-market that invest in high growth businesses will fuel Focal Point’s returns and success

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